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SAP Registration & Approval Certificate

 According to the regulations of Finance Bureau in China, the finance systems or ERP systems of all companies must follow the GB19581-2004 standard under the supervising from Finance Bureau, which needs the Approval Certificatelike Oracle Registration/SAP Registration, and GB Interface is the most important part.

   Approval Certificate also named as Registration of computerized accounting systems refers to a procedure that companies and administrative units have their computerized accounting data and visible accounting documents inspected and registered by relevant finance departments before such companies and administrative units carry out computerized accounting as substitute for manual accounting practice.

   Government implements the Accounting Approval Certificate following the GB19581-2004 standard registration policies, which unifies the standards for finance/ERP software, like Oracle Registration, SAP Registration, promotes the standardization of accounting practice and improves accounting efficiency. However, for enterprises that fail to acquire the certificate of computerized accounting system registration from Finance Bureau, they are exposed to continual risks in terms of compliance with relevant policies and in terms of operation.

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   Meanwhile, Hitpoint has succeeded in obtaining Approval Certificate follows the GB19581-2004 standard for ERP/finance systems of all types, such as Oracle Registration, SAP Registration.It has successfully helped a number of well-known companies to obtain the registration certificates in compliance with the specific requirements of the industry and from different Finance Bureaus.