A chemical industry 500, in China for many years, the country more than 20 corporate entities, each year to receive 3-4 million copies of various types of invoices. All along, so the number of invoices are dependent on the company in the local through the manual scanning certification, the workload is huge. In addition, the company's accounts processing concentrated in the Asia-Pacific financial center outside China, the need for the second scan, through the company intranet for transmission. At the end of each month, also need to manually balance the balance sheet, to check the accounting problem.


  • Automatic Scan Recognition
    Batch processing of paper-based VAT invoices and other receipts sent by the supplier, identifying the key contents of the face and outputting the results to the Invoice Verification Accounting System (ERP).
  • Automatic checking and accounting
    In the ERP platform based on the main ERP information, according to the default logic to judge, a large number of automatic posting, a small amount of artificial exception handling, to maximize the realization of processing automation.
  • Automatic online authentication
    To receive the accounting information of the successful invoice to the relevant tax office online interface to submit to complete the VAT invoice certification.
  • Automatic billing
    Through the system interface and timing tasks to achieve automatic batch billing of value-added tax invoices to reduce the concentration of financial invoicing pressure

Customer Revenue

The company's more than 20 corporate entities, in accordance with the progress of the construction of financial sharing center, has been gradually on the line. Through the solution, the enterprise to achieve all the receivables are in the financial center to carry out a unified, invoice a scan, the flow of electronic data generated in the system, automatic posting, complete online certification. A large number of automated processing instead of the original manual operation, greatly improving the financial processing efficiency and reduce error rate.

Customer Praise

  • The Hitpoint system and the Finance Sharing Center are highly interoperable and have resulted in a number of optimizations for our financial sharing process that have met the project's objectives.
    IT Manager