A restaurant chain giants, relying on the financial sharing center management of nearly 500 domestic tax entities, "business change", the face of a large number of invoices and tax invoices to declare. Entry invoices need to be manually matched with Oracle orders in order to be assured of certification. The tax returns from different systems to query the value-added tax data, and adjust the entries and the corresponding check, and then manually prepared tax returns, 10 to a few days to do the staff. Because many data have been manually adjusted, often can not be traced back to the situation, can not be systematically statistics and analysis.


  • OCR Processing
    Customize the VAT scan format and collect key information via the VAT Invoice Recognition System. Invoice identification system and the establishment of ERP interface protocol to support data and image transmission, automatically complete the three single match.
  • Key Information Verification
    Invoice key information automatic verification, including invoice number, amount, total, tax, password area identification, name and so on, and system invoice consistency check, and automatically differentiated invoice tax rates and categories.
  • System interaction
    Invoice management system and ERP system transformation synchronization implementation, related tax system through the interface for data exchange. The invoice verification and deduction and tax return are all centralized in the financial sharing center.
  • Automated posting
    The system handles automated posting of VAT invoices based on purchase orders and improves the efficiency of financial shared services through automated tax reporting.

Customer Revenue

  • Invoice entry processing time reduced by 1/3
  • The accuracy rate of the whole OCR recognition rate is increased to 97.3%
  • Invoice automatic posting pass rate increased to 97.9%
  • Automatic error checking rate is 99.7%
  • Overall invoice management automation rate reached 95.3%
  • The rate of tax declaration automation is as high as 98%
  • The entire workload can save 60%

Customer Praise

  • Our company "battalion change" after the invoice certification and tax returns are handed over to the Hitpoint system, hundreds of companies to complete a tax return can be a day, fantanstic!
    Tax Manager