A joint venture of human resources services enterprises, enterprises and individuals to provide business outsourcing, personnel services, and recruitment and headhunting staff benefits related to human resources solutions. Due to the special nature of outsourcing services, and self-developed business management system, the company in the "business change" after the VAT management is very difficult.


  • Automatic Tax Calculation
    Generate tax information automatically by calculating the difference between the tax amount and the corresponding tax rate.
  • Automated invoicing
    Automatically synchronize order information and automate the replacement of business names to invoicing names for bulk invoicing
  • Automatic authentication
    The bulk of the invoice to scan identification, posting, automatically pushed to the Inland Revenue Department to complete the VAT system certification
  • Tax Report
    Customized Report Center can be configured according to customers' requirements, one-click generate VAT item, carry out related consolidated report

Customer Revenue

  • Adapt to the "business change" change, to achieve automatic balance tax calculation
  • From receipt to billing, from identification to certification of the integrity of the invoice entry management process
  • Data is automatically aggregated to provide reliable information for financial analysis
  • The automated system replaces the manual processing, reduces the artificial cost

Customer Praise

  • Hitpoint's program also includes the issuance of VAT invoices and certification, and can be integrated with our management system, the use is also very convenient, financial colleagues are very satisfied with the system.
    IT Manager