A world-leading auto parts and motor manufacturers, more than 10 manufacturing plants across the country, by the trading company responsible for sales. Group monthly sales of thousands of items and invoices need to be processed, rely entirely on manual, a number of tax commissions can not work together, often need to work overtime. Can not be done in the UF system, the complexity of the merger split, invoice number of manual input to spend a lot of financial sector manpower. Handwritten express a single error rate, and difficult to track the query. Group related business within the group, the factory concentrated in the end of billing, certification pressure. Moreover, the amount of each invoice is high, involving large tax, if the loss occurs, often have a great tax risk.


  • Unified platform
    B / S structure of the invoice management platform, integrated sales items and income management, support for multi-branch, multi-user operation at the same time.
  • Invoice batching
    Automatic import of business data, embedded invoice operation rules, automatic processing of invoice information and special billing situation, and complete batch printing.
  • Integration of internal transactions
    Support automatically from the factory within the group automatically extract billing information, invoices and UF documents in the invoice management platform for verification, batch upload to the tax system for authentication.
  • Customized reports
    In accordance with business needs, with value-added tax information automatically generate the required tax reports for internal and external business analysis to provide data support.

Customer Revenue

  • B / S architecture to facilitate the use of more people at the same time, more convenient to lead the real-time understanding of billing status.
  • VAT invoice batch printing, permanent preservation, express delivery time tracking, and can always query and management.
  • After the affiliated business occurs, you can deduct the amount before receiving the paper invoice and reduce the tax risk.
  • Convenient query, export value-added tax statements, and business systems to write off, can be used as a reliable basis for tax analysis.

Customer Praise

  • Trading companies need to complete the sales functions of various factories in the financial management, both internal and external are under great pressure, since the use of the Hitpoint program, the VAT process clearly, we will build a few new factories this year will continue selecting Hitpoint.