A century-old medical device manufacturer, global companies have to follow the German headquarters to use a unified SAP system, Chinese companies are no exception. Although the company operating in China for many years, but its SAP is still the continuation of the foreign set, issuing VAT invoices need to manually translate and adjust the financial staff, a lot of work.


  • Automated Rule Engine
    A rule engine that includes features to automatically convert from original orders to billing information that meets Chinese requirements
  • Customer data management
    Support customer name and VAT tax information maintenance in Hitpoint system, interact with customer information in ERP through RFC interface
  • Batch invoicing
    Automatic import of business data, automatic processing of invoice information and special billing situation, and complete the bulk print
  • Customized reports
    Automatically generate required tax reports with VAT information according to business needs, providing data support for internal and external business analysis

Customer Revenue

  • B / S architecture to facilitate the use of more people at the same time, more convenient to lead the real-time understanding of billing status.
  • Automation rules processing, reduce the manual work of financial personnel, improve billing efficiency.
  • VAT invoice batch printing, permanent preservation, express delivery time tracking, and can always query and management.
  • Convenient query, export value-added tax statements, and business systems to write off, can be used as a reliable basis for tax analysis.

Customer Praise

  • Hitpoint system replaced many of the original need to finance the work done by hand, reducing the financial burden of billing accuracy and efficiency have improved a lot, is a reliable solution.
    Finance Manager