A foreign-invested real estate consulting firm specializing in providing comprehensive real estate services successfully completes thousands of projects annually for customers in all industries. The project is spread all over the country, the molecular companies in the project unity and cooperation, but when faced with the "business change" test, the company internal processes and external regulatory requirements vary, very need a complete and customized program to help The realization of the perfect transition from sales tax to value-added tax.


  • Billing adjustment
    Generate adjustment reports feature to automatically reconcile changes to off-site order and generate internal revenue share 
  • Consolidated invoicing
    When there are multiple receivables in the same project, the VAT invoice is automatically merged through the rule setting
  • Tight integration
    Tightly integrates with the systems used for BPO outsourcing and automatically captures incoming invoice scans
  • Check the authentication
    Through the system automatically download the tax office tick the platform information, and financial information matching automatically after check the certification

Customer Revenue

  • Adapt to the "business change" management requirements, the system a smooth transition
  • To achieve a complete customization Invoicing Invoicing management process
  • Automatically check the certification, reduce the pressure of VAT certification
  • Data is automatically aggregated to provide reliable information for financial analysis

Customer Praise

  • At the beginning of the "business change", the financial requirements are not familiar with the value-added tax is Hitpoint in the provision of software, but also provides a detailed and practical, fit the business scenario of a complete solution.