A retail and wholesale supermarket group, the brand has a number of cash from the shopping malls, is one of the world's top 500. The group currently has 56 stores in 37 cities in China, with its headquarters in Shanghai. The group hopes to control the input into the management staff can do, invoice a scan many times to use, control, financial risk and so on demand.


  • Unified platform
    B / S structure of the invoice management platform to support multi-branch, multi-user operation at the same time, and users have a detailed level of authority management.
  • Intelligent scanning matching
    Automatic scanning, eliminating manual input, automatic verification of invoice data, seamlessly connect ERP, automatically three single match.
  • Automatic Posting
    Automatically collects invoice certification returned by the Tax Office system. The certified invoices are automatically post-processed without manual processing.
  • Large data support
    To meet the retail industry performance requirements of large amounts of data to support high concurrency, security systems and data reliability.

Customer Revenue

  • On-line one month invoice total: 600 million yuan
  • On-line one month invoice quantity: 6000 pieces
  • Average single invoice processing time is shortened to the original "1/3"
  • OCR pass rate: 97.3%
  • Invoice automatic posting pass rate: 97.9%
  • Overall invoice management automation rate: 95.3%
  • Automatic error than inspection inspection rate: 99.7%
  • FTE (Full-Time Equivalents) Save: 60%

Customer Praise

  • We have to deal with an average of about 10,000 daily invoices, and purchase orders, such as single-entry and do a comparison of information, with the Hitpoint program, responsible for processing personnel from more than 20 reduced to 10 or less, the efficiency is higher, Hitpoint Program value for money.
    Fiance Director