A large chain of clothing stores by the regional division of more than 10 legal entities, the establishment of a preliminary model of financial sharing. The group is located in the forefront of the world's top 500, the size of a large body, is the financial and taxation departments, "focus on" the object. Often need to provide the inspectors with the specified account type, specify the business type, specify the supplier / customer and other very detailed information and voucher reports. Frequent inspections involving a large number of store data between the tax officers in the mud.


  • Real-time 
    Real-time platform is accurate and efficient without manual conversion
  • Standard Report
    Use standard Chinese vouchers and reports to perform data collation and historical data export.
  • Customized query
    Customized classification of data, on-demand generation stores, suppliers, bank cash and other multi-dimensional statements, easy to meet the daily tax, audit requirements
  • Efficient performance
    To support high concurrency and large data processing, to ensure the accuracy of the data check

Customer Revenue

  • Zero impact on the original ERP system to adapt to the simultaneous management of globalization
  • Trusted Chinese accounts, standardized voucher statements to protect compliance
  • Multi-dimensional report, support for data depth drilling, timely response to the inspection
  • Successfully through the financial software for the record, improve credit rating

Customer Praise

  • Hitpoint system on-line, not only to solve the daily Chinese books, in the audit or inspection, can directly provide the required data, the tax department no longer have to worry about.
    Tax Manager