Established in Shenzhen, a large joint-stock commercial banks, the country has more than 1,200 outlets, more than 70,000 employees. With commercial banks, financial leasing, fund management, life insurance, overseas investment banks and other diversified businesses. The line needs more than 200 scanning collection points, through the invoice scanning for value-added tax management system and self-developed expense reimbursement system to provide data, images, image recognition accuracy and efficiency requirements are high, and can automatically identify the invoice, And other file types. Help enterprises to complete the "business change" transformation, value-added tax management, and value-added tax business process under the background of optimization.


  • Mixed scanning function
    Unique mixed scan function, support custom bill types and formats, the system automatically differentiate the type of paper, according to different types of documents to identify different data elements. Eliminating the manual classification, saving labor costs.
  • Single-number automatic audit verification
    sScanning identification at the same time, according to purchase orders / reimbursement application form and other bills single number of automatic audit checks from the source to protect data accuracy, reduce the risk of inconsistent tax to protect corporate compliance.
  • Document and image management
    From document scanning, processing, to OCR identification, until the image storage, query access, but also can achieve electronic documents, multi-platform data sharing. High recognition accuracy, for all business processes to provide clear image support.
  • Purchasing / Reimbursement Document Management
    The program not only for VAT invoices, all the proceeds related to the paper documents (including requisitions, orders, contracts, reimbursement, etc.) can be incorporated into the system to achieve closed-loop process to ensure efficient use of data.

Customer Revenue

  • High versatility - a variety of bills into the management, a scan automatically associated
  • High recognition rate - basically eliminates manual recognition
  • High pass rate - the whole pass rate of 95% or more
  • High efficiency - FTE is reduced by more than 60%
  • Versatile - Electronic data interface transfer for a wide range of systems
  • Easy to trace - complete and easy to check the notes
  • Cost Savings - Reduce paper copy and delivery costs

Customer Praise

  • All branches of the unified use of the Hitpoint image management system, the procurement and reimbursement of bills to achieve the electronic management, automatic completion of the VAT invoice certification, financial sector colleagues are very satisfied.