4S shop as the representative of the car sales terminal, directly facing the majority of car buyers. Under normal circumstances, the need to open two types of invoices, one is the value-added tax invoices for vehicle maintenance invoices, and the other is the motor vehicle invoices for vehicle sales invoices. Both the billing data and the system is different, corresponding to the different invoices also need to generate different types of documents.


Auto sales industry solution, through the establishment of automated management platform and data interface, the use of business or financial system derived from the data directly to the automatic billing, tax data automatically imported to generate VAT adjustment table and other functions to eliminate the invoice process Of the duplication of labor.


    • Monthly invoicing
      Monthly sales statistics (Excel format) into the system, without manual processing, you can bulk billing
    • Through the work order number of the invoice
      Just enter the sales system in the work order number to the work order number data into the system, direct invoicing
    • Motor invoice invoicing
      Through the frame number of the management information, automatic access to vehicle data, while automatically matching the purchase of data, no longer need to repeat the entry
    • Automatic settlement
      Billing system automatically after the settlement, without manual billing, billing can be avoided before the settlement after the man-made changes to the settlement statement
    • Automatically generate business day reports
      Only need to export billing data may be completed most of the business day report data
    • Automatically generate accounting documents
      The system according to the billing data can automatically generate accounting voucher data, and write to the financial system
The solution helps the automobile sales enterprise to change the manual operation in the sales invoicing and the financial settlement into the process clear automatic operation, guarantees the automobile sales enterprise billing accurate and timely and highly effective.
  • Reduce labor costs——Reduce data duplication entry, centralized billing, effectively reduce labor costs
  • Improve the efficiency of sales——Automatic process to ensure that the invoice information is known, controllable, traceable, improve enterprise management efficiency
  • Strengthen the internal control management——Ensure the management process to ensure accurate and reliable billing data to prevent the fake value-added tax
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