The financial business process of the banking industry is complicated. The IT system has a large structure and is difficult to be reformed internally. The external management solution is connected with the core system to complete the value-added tax and financial sharing management requirements while minimizing the transformation of the core banking system. The general VAT management of the banking industry has the following characteristics:
  • The number of branches, the number of customers, public and private business volume
  • Billing sales to the main legal person, different customers different billing requirements of the business
  • Invoice authentication equipment, invoice storage, query management is difficult
  • Income tax need to be confirmed after the separation, the impact of daily cut accounts
  • multiple business systems and core systems need to modify the business and achieve data docking


Unified platform through the price separation, sales management, entry management and other modules, the focus on the completion of the banking value-added tax management, to minimize the impact of the original core systems and business systems.


    • Automated Price Separation
      To meet the requirements of financial / accounting standards, through the "business / tax rate table" on the transaction details of the price-tax separation of the accounting treatment, and return to the core system to confirm revenue
    • Data Validation and Reconciliation
      Such as reconciliation with the general ledger and details of the reconciliation entry after verification and reconciliation of the entry of the detail and subject data from the core with the separation of the price tax
    • As sales management
      For handling fees, gifts and other acts to manage, and can be entered in accordance with the default tax rate and the same as sales of automatic calculation of value-added tax-related data
    • Output Invoice Management
      To manage the invoicing business through the detailed data of price separation, including the function of invoice distribution, issuing, merging, separating, scrapping, scarlet lettering and quantity warning.
    • Input Invoice management
      Digitization and archiving management of incoming vouchers, support special batch batch authentication, support query access, and automatic generation of tax return draft in conjunction with sales data
    • Input tax deduction function
      For input and output out of the behavior (such as duty-free simple tax revenue corresponding to the entry) to manage the input platform, and in accordance with the default logic to calculate the data ou
Through integrated banking solutions, enterprises can achieve the platform of value-added tax invoice management, from the proceeds to the sales, from paper invoices to electronic invoices, to tax returns, value-added tax automation and coordinated management of the whole process.
  • Easy and efficient process——Optimize the invoice management process, manual invoice processing and audit costs by more than 90%, improve invoice management efficiency more than 4 times
  • Strengthen internal control management——To ensure accurate and reliable VAT invoice data, to prevent the VAT output to fictitious, to ensure that the value-added tax items should be arrived at arrived
  • Avoidance of tax risks——Unified filing, electronic circulation, and platform-based query management to avoid taxes and risks caused by loss of bills
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