Since May 1, 2016, the catering chain industry has been included in the scope of value-added tax. In the face of the complex tax compliance requirements of value-added tax, enterprises need to implement tax invoice management through various means. In general, the restaurant chain of large volume, large number of statutory entities throughout the country, the management of hundreds of taxpayers and stores, for internal control and tax management has a very high demand.
  • Internal transaction is complex and complex, and the billing and certification requirements are complicated. It is also necessary to control tax planning and tax compliance.
  • Large amount of store billing and the need to write back to the management system, billing and delivery process lengthy, inefficient, poor customer experience
  • Financial sharing center centralized processing and certification of the national legal entities of the invoice, the payment of many suppliers to cope with long process management difficulties
  • Huge purchases, the need to manually split the region and stores, each deducted a large number of invoices, and management systems and three single match, manual large workload


Unified platform to achieve efficient and reliable food chain enterprises to enter the value-added tax centralized certification, store VAT billing control, And other functions.


    • Basic data management
      Including the organization management, taxpayers basic information management and online authentication information management of three parts
    • Invoice Billing module
      To achieve from the legal entity to the store to the public on the private invoicing needs, compatible with paper invoices and electronic invoices, automatically generate sales statements invoices.
    • A / R invoice monitoring module
      Collects the VAT invoice information issued by the store and sends it to the central database via the network.
    • A / P invoice centralized management module
      The multi-layer structure mode to deploy, automatically send invoice information to the corresponding tax authorities online authentication server, to achieve online certification of invoices, and receive certification receipts, update the certification results.
    • Incoming Paper Paper Management Module
      Manage paper invoices in batches. Each batch of invoices can be stored centrally, the system records the invoice number and storage location, easy access to location management.
    • VAT reporting module
      To achieve value-added tax declaration required for each system data interface to display the aggregate data, while providing the amount of manually adjust the report and save the final report data reporting functions.
Through the integration of food chain industry solutions, enterprises can achieve the platform of the value-added tax invoice management, from the proceeds to the sales, from paper invoices to electronic invoices, to tax returns, value-added tax automation and coordinated management of the whole process.
  • Easy and efficient process——Optimize the invoice management process, manual invoice processing and audit costs by more than 90%, improve invoice management efficiency more than 4 times
  • Strengthen internal control management——To ensure accurate and reliable VAT invoice data, to prevent the VAT output to fictitious, to ensure that the value-added tax items should be arrived at arrived
  • Avoidance of tax risks——Unified filing, electronic circulation, and platform-based query management to avoid taxes and risks caused by loss of bills
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