With the refinement of the social division of labor, more and more companies choose to use professional human resources services. May 2016, the human resources services as a kind of economic agency services, but also into the "camp to increase" category. For human resources enterprises, from specific financial management, to the overall transformation of IT systems, will therefore be the "camp to increase" and produce far-reaching changes. The value-added tax management of the human resources industry has a large number of customers, many types of services, short-term contracts and more complex processes and systems, billing requirements and other characteristics.


To adapt to the characteristics of the industry value-added tax entry and sales management solutions to help the human resources industry to achieve one-step "battalion change" invoice management.


    • Calculation of different taxation
      Calculate the difference between the taxable part and the corresponding tax rate according to the required logic
    • Automated sales item invoicing
      Automatically synchronize order information in the system and automate the replacement of business names to billing names for bulk invoicing
    • Incoming Item Approval Management
      Batch scanning of incoming invoices, automatic posting to the Tax Bureau after matching posting, and return of the certification results
    • Customized tax reporting
      Customizable report center based on customer requirements, one-click generation of required VAT items, entries or related consolidated reports
One-stop human resources industry, "business change" solution, enterprises can achieve platform for the management of value-added tax invoices, from proceeds to sales, from paper invoices to electronic invoices, to tax returns, value-added tax the entire process automation Collaborative management.
  • Guarantee service operation——Solve the problem of insurance business special treatment, realize efficient and accurate response
  • Solve the invoice control——With the core business system docking of the VAT invoice management system to achieve the invoice monitoring and statistical management
  • To meet the accounting——According to a specific type of business in advance to set up automatic special business processes to ensure consistent tax
  • Ensure tax payment according to law——From process to all aspects of the system to conduct a comprehensive reform of insurance companies, value-added tax management, to avoid tax risks
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