As one of the important pillars of the financial industry, the insurance industry has been the focus of attention from the specific financial management work, to the overall IT system transformation, will be the result of the "battalion change" and far-reaching Variety. The value-added tax management of the insurance industry has a large number of customers, many types of products, short-term contracts, process and system complexity, billing demand, may involve cross-border business and so on.


VAT invoice management + comprehensive tax management, a program to achieve two sets of functional requirements, open up the insurance industry before and after the end-value-added management gap, to achieve automation, process, and collaborative operation.


    • Separation of support price tax
      In the ERP / business system or in the TaxPLUS can be completed in support of the realization of the value of the separation of automation functions
    • Multi-tiered tax entity management
      Set up a system of insurance subsidiaries (tax entities) in a system
    • ERP / Business System Interface
      Quickly integrate with existing business IT systems to reduce the need for retrofitting existing IT systems
    • Flexible business tax rate configuration
      In the face of possible business adjustments or tax changes, simply modify the master data configuration in the system, you can configure a different value-added tax rate
    • Good support for accounting
      Invoicing information (invoiced amount / tax, etc.) can be written back to the ERP / financial system to help generate tax returns automatically
    • Full life cycle invoice management
      Covering the entire life cycle of the invoice, greatly reduce the invoice manual operation, and automatically generate various types of reconciliation statements, complete business and financial data relationship
Through the integration of the insurance industry solutions, companies can achieve the platform of the VAT invoice management, from the proceeds to the sales, from paper invoices to electronic invoices, to tax returns, value-added tax automation and coordinated management of the whole process.
  • Guarantee service operation——Solve the problem of insurance business special treatment, realize efficient and accurate response
  • Solve the invoice control——And the core business system docking of the VAT invoice management system to achieve the invoice monitoring and statistical management
  • To meet the accounting——According to a specific type of business in advance to set up automatic special business processes to ensure consistent tax
  • Ensure tax payment according to law——From process to all aspects of the system to conduct a comprehensive reform of insurance companies, value-added tax management, to avoid tax risks
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