Medical equipment enterprises to enhance product competitiveness, improve market share, protect product profits, regulate their product marketing is an important day-to-day work, which must be effective management of its dealers, the actual sales of accurate control is the key to management.


Medical equipment industry control solution through the real-time extraction of value-added billing information, so that medical equipment manufacturers real-time understanding of the dealer sales, grasp the lifeblood of sales.


    • Extraction transmission
      By matching the details of the invoice issued by the agent, the extracted invoice details encrypted and sent to the enterprise
    • Data management
      With the medical device business management system has been the original data exchange, invoice details as an important document management dealer
    • Statistical analysis
      The system provides detailed information on the invoice multi-dimensional statistics and analysis for medical device business managers to provide accurate summary information
    • Customize tax reports
      According to customer demand configuration customized report center, a key to generate the required VAT sales, income or related consolidated report
  • Help medical device enterprises unified management of distributors scattered around, without geographical restrictions
  • Through the billing information real-time understanding of dealer sales, sales data to avoid distortion
  • Automatic platform management, reduce business or financial manual statistical management, improve management efficiency and accuracy
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