Property business income mainly includes four categories: (1) property services fees, in accordance with the contract agreed to receive; (2) parking fees, that is, part of the fees charged by the parking lot under the management of the property enterprise; (3) the collection and payment of water charges, (4) Other operating revenues, including elevator advertisements, building advertisements, etc .; For property leasing enterprises, the VAT sales invoicing may be the following questions:
  • A company (a tax number) corresponds to a number of property projects, multiple billing points need to be managed
  • Business involves a large number of tax rates, need to be accounted for separately
  • Billing objects need to face both business and personal situations
  • Billing time, billing large, manual billing error rate


Property leasing industry business types, complex tax items, VAT tax method will affect the financial accounting, tax compliance, a good value-added tax management program will not only save the financial staff workload, reduce tax risk, will also to a certain extent Under the enterprise to avoid tax losses.


    • Separation of support price tax
      In the ERP / business system or in the TaxPLUS can be completed in support of the realization of the value of the separation of automation functions
    • Multi-billing point of unified management
      In a system set up multi-billing points of the hierarchical sub-rights management functions, the headquarters of the billing point of the supervision of value-added tax invoice information
    • ERP / Business System Interface
      Quickly integrate with existing business IT systems to reduce the need for retrofitting existing IT systems
    • Flexible business tax rate configuration
      In the face of possible business adjustments or tax changes, simply modify the master data configuration in the system, you can configure a different value-added tax rate
    • Good support for accounting
      Invoice information (invoice amount / tax, etc.) can be written back to the ERP / financial system to help automatically generate tax returns
    • Full life cycle invoice management
      Covering the entire life cycle of the invoice, greatly reduce the invoice manual operation, and automatically generate various types of reconciliation statements, complete business and financial data relationship
The use of automated value-added tax management system, can help the property leasing companies to strengthen internal control management, to avoid false invoices, open the wrong invoice, so that the process of standardized management:
  • Set the billing approval flow, control the front-end department of the billing application
  • Network of value-added tax sales management, unified management of the billing headquarters of the billing situation
  • Consolidated by tenant name or tax code
  • Set up regular tasks, automatic bulk invoicing
  • Locked by UKEY strict control of manual billing, to ensure that all billing links through the system supervision
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