Real estate transaction is complex, VAT tax method will affect the financial accounting, tax compliance, a good value - added tax management program can help complete the real estate business security operations, to ensure tax law, to solve invoice control, accounting and other accounting to meet the " Business to increase "management needs. Not only can save the financial staff workload, reduce tax risk, but also to some extent for enterprises to avoid tax losses.


Unified platform for real estate enterprises to achieve efficient and reliable input VAT centralized certification, value-added tax invoice monitoring, monthly VAT declaration, value-added tax invoices paper management functions.


    • Flexible business tax rate configuration
      The face of possible business adjustments or tax rate changes, can be configured different value-added tax rate (including zero tax rate), the automatic realization of price separation
    • Multi-level tax entity management
      Set up a system for the real estate subsidiary companies (tax entities) system
    • ERP / Business System Interface
      Quickly integrate with existing business IT systems to reduce the need for retrofitting existing IT systems
    • Internal control approval management
      The value of the company and the headquarters of the VAT billing approval process control, U key management license invoice printing, from the source to prevent the invoice fictitious
    • Sales Invoice Management
      Overwrite the entire lifecycle of the invoice, automatically batch the data to be invoiced, and automatically generate various types of reconciliation reports and sales summary reports
    • Invoice management
      Can be completed automatically in the single point of the whole group of notes data acquisition (scanning identification or checkout check), than amendment, certification, archiving, generating reports and other work
Through the integration of the real estate industry solutions, enterprises can achieve the platform of the value-added tax invoice management, from proceeds to sales, from paper invoices to electronic invoices, to tax returns, value-added tax automation and coordinated management of the whole process.
  • Easy and efficient process——Optimize the invoice management process, manual invoice processing and audit costs by more than 90%, improve invoice management efficiency more than 4 times
  • Strengthen internal control management——To ensure accurate and reliable VAT invoice data, to prevent the VAT output to fictitious, to ensure that the value-added tax items should be arrived at arrived
  • Avoidance of tax risks——Unified filing, electronic circulation, and platform-based query management to avoid taxes and risks caused by loss of bills
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