Retail industry, large enterprises, large purchases, the traditional entry invoice management simply cannot meet their needs. In addition, with the growing consumer awareness of invoices, more and more invoices demand, the invoice volume of the retail industry is also growing, coupled with the upcoming "business change", the retail industry will be invoiced into the geometry Series growth. Income and sales pressure on both sides of the stack, making the work of the financial sector, the retail industry heavy burden.
  • Retail industry outlets, product variety, complex specifications, sales, invoicing efficiency has been very low
  • Line billing personnel workload, billing error rate is also high, met to open the details of the customer is a headache
  • The use of mall excess votes fake invoices repeated prohibitions, management is difficult, high tax risk
  • A large number of suppliers, the monthly number of invoices can even reach tens of thousands of sheets, manual scanning time and effort
  • Artificial three single match error rate is high, affecting the efficiency of management input
  • A large number of invoices coupled with complex certification process, increase financial risk


Unified platform for retail enterprises to generate billing data directly through the cash register data to reduce the manpower to ensure accuracy and authenticity; automatic recognition of incoming invoices scanning, unified authentication, matching archiving, integrated control.


    • Save time and effort
      Simple and quick, save more than 90% invoice manual processing time, save more than 50% of staf
    • Automatic precision
      Automated rate over 95%, custom approval process, auto-verification, tax optimization to help finance
    • Audit zero risk
      Direct invoice filing, electronic invoice circulation, to avoid loss caused by the audit risk
    • System Reliable
      Automatic switching of data from local and headquarters databases greatly reduces the impact of network and server failures
    • Easy to maintain
      The mall using the file database approach to facilitate automatic backup and cleaning to avoid data growth caused by system performance degradation
    • Easy to expand
      Adapt to different requirements of the Inland Revenue Department (such as electronic invoices, land tax invoices, etc.)
Through the integration of the retail industry solutions, enterprises can achieve the platform of the VAT invoice management, from the proceeds to the sales, from paper invoices to electronic invoices, to tax returns, value-added tax automation and coordinated management of the whole process.
  • Easy and efficient process——Optimize the invoice management process, manual invoice processing and audit costs by more than 90%, improve invoice management efficiency more than 4 times
  • Strengthen internal control management——To ensure accurate and reliable VAT invoice data, to prevent the VAT output to fictitious, to ensure that the value-added tax items should be arrived at arrived
  • Avoidance of tax risks——Unified filing, electronic circulation, and platform-based query management to avoid taxes and risks caused by loss of bills
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