On Thursday, May 14, Hitpoint attended the training courses titled “The Latest Policy Dynamics and Transaction processes to Shift from Business Tax to VAT", where Hitpoint invited several of its VIP clients.

 The shift from business tax to VAT has expanded to cover various industries, however quite a few enterprises that have already practiced the shift from business tax to VAT have very superficial understanding of the policy and have little knowledge about the specific practices and applications. In such context, Linked-F launched a training course that was attended by nearly 50 trainees from financial departments of well-known foreign enterprises



Course Highlights  

A new round of shifting from business tax to VAT is just round the corner. Reportedly, the shift will be started with construction and real estate industry, followed by consumer service, finance and insurance industries. Business tax will be abolished in China before the end of 2015 to see an era of VAT.  

For enterprises that are still paying the business tax, internal preparations, including policy training and internal tax system adjustment have become very intense. According to an investigation by Linked-F, many enterprises that have already been practicing VAT are still at a loss about many practices, such as deductions and tax exemption for overseas services. 

This course launched by Linked-F highlighted all details about VAT deduction and tax exemption application for overseas services, by systematically explaining the theories and practices in the shift from business tax to VAT. Armed with analysis and experiences from professionals on future trends and internal enterprise management, this course helps financial teams of enterprises to understand the latest policy developments, and provides them with practical guidance. 

Mr. Wang, the expert of this course is a member of the Q&A team of the State Administration of Taxation website, a member of the talent base of SAT Investigation Bureau, an outstanding correspondent of SAT Investigation Bureau and an expert investigator in Jiangsu province. Mr. Wang has consecutively worked for Jiangsu Lianshui Local Taxation Bureau, Hainan Yangpu National Taxation Bureau, Liaoning Dalian Local Taxation Bureau and Jiangsu Nantong Local Taxation Bureau.  

The training courses delivered by Mr. Wang was based on case studies, practices and sound theories, and won high praises from trainees because of his in-depth illustration, simple but effective methods and entertaining teaching method.



Comments from Trainees

 The brief training courses in the afternoon helped trainees to develop better understanding of the policy. By combining the policies with practices, it aroused great interest among them. Instead of being purely theoretical, this course is more focused on hands-on practice. We are expecting more courses of this kind by Linked-F.  

"We are very thankful to Hitpoint for providing us the opportunity to join this training for free. The trainer from Linked-F is a recognized professional in the industry. His lecture is funny and based on cases studies on the analysis of provisions of the shift from business tax to VAT policy. It is much better than lectures that stick to analyzing the wording of new policies. With this one-afternoon training program, we have surely learned much about how to apply our knowledge in real business scenarios."  

-- Taxation manager from a  Hitpoint client company, one of world's Top 10 car brands.  

It is our client’s satisfaction that drives us forward. We are going to develop closer relations with Linked-F to provide our clients with more opportunities.        


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