WeChat was made available to the public on January 21st, 2011 and by January 15th, 2013; its uses had expanded quickly and broken 300 million within a period as short as 2 years, attracting nearly half of the Internet users of China Mobile.  


Is WeChat itself profitable? Although the quick expansion of WeChat has significantly narrowed the margin of the three major telecommunication operators in China, from perspectives of the financial statements of China Mobile, WeChat business has not realized any profit so far. Even till now, there is no specific timetable for commercialization of WeChat and WeChat never seems eager to get itself commercialized but it spares no efforts to take more market shares. With analysis on data in its financial statements, WeChat has worked out its own development map.  


In fact, financial data will be generated in large volume in the operation of every enterprise, and they are usually enterprise specific, authentic and effective, but can hardly be organized in analysis statements due to the lack of specialized tools, so that the management on such data is neglected.  


QA For best time to take levitra Finance PLUS 6.0 is produced as an ideal tool to support analysis by enterprises! Finance PLUS solution can help international enterprises in China using globally uniform ERP systems to cope with financial compliance issues, by providing enterprises with reliable day-to-day Chinese account management systems, which can generate all statutory Chinese statements, certificates and accounts to meet the needs for taxation, audit and internal management.  


Now, Finance PLUS 6.0 is gaining a new feature, namely QA (Query & Analysis), which is an Excel-based flexible statement tool module. Chinese accounts are far more than legal compliance issues and through in-depth analysis on Chinese financial data, foreign enterprises can easily generate some management or analysis statements, on basis of which they can develop real-time understanding of dynamic information with respect to the development of the enterprise.  


The precursor of QA is the Vision provided by Sun System and the powerful functions and excellent stability of QA have been verified in large amount of researches and practices.  

●       QA is an Excel-based statement tool and with the friendly interface, the finance staff can get familiar with the application with similar operations.  

●       QA has successfully converted IT languages to front display in financial terms, so the financial staff can easily create their customized statements without help of any IT or technical consultant, so that statements can be created from time to time to meet the needs for analysis. In such a way, it helps to significantly improve the work efficiency and to save time.  

●       QA can help the enterprise to make the best of out of their Chinese accounts, rather than simply to meet the compliance requirements of PRC GAAP. With the Chinese accounts, the enterprise can realize its operation goals through in-depth analysis and management on their financial data.  

●       The dramatically high costs for BI keep enterprises way from their needs for data analysis, so they miss the effective analysis and reasonable utilization on company data as well as sales opportunities.  But QA is a highly cost-effective statement tool for analysis and management and it is very easy to generate various statements at no additional costs.  

●       What's more, BI is more specialized in macroeconomic data and for branch offices; it is hard to accurately locate the segment data, which makes the analysis prolonged and inaccurate. QA, however, provides the right answer to this problem and can search the database for the exact data in urgent needs by the enterprise for analysis purposes.  


Will WeChat really to be charged? While asserting its rights of charges over WeChat, why does not China Mobile redefine its main business on basis of analysis on consumer behaviors and plan its development with practical data analysis? Finance PLUS 6.0 with QA will also provide foreign enterprises with precise services to support their ERP localization and analysis on data from their Chinese statements! It supports the sustainable and healthy development of foreign enterprises in China.