Under "B to V", the enterprise received VAT invoices each month the number of rapid increase, especially for value-added tax invoices, deductible input tax directly affects the tax burden of enterprises. In addition, input tax compliance not only affects the enterprise tax credit rating, but also related to business and investment and financing situation.

This seminar will help you maximize the efficiency of the tax management of your business from the following perspectives.:

Improve efficiency

——Bill visualization, digitization, tax treatment coordination, automation

Optimize processes

——The timeliness, accuracy and security of the bill in the business process

Avoid risk

——Accuracy, compliance, and traceability in business processes



Introduction to the System and Requirements of the National Tax Bureau 's Original Account Authentication System

Challenges and Risks Arising from Accreditation

Introduction of Value - added Tax Accreditation and Document Image Management Solution




Marvin Wang

——Hitpoint Solution Tax R&D Director


From 2002 to date has been engaged in tax collection management system, online tax system and enterprise-related tax management system development and management, has a wealth of business-related tax system architecture and construction experience.

Recent projects: National S219 project safety audit system, Shanghai online tax reporting system and online authentication system, Qingdao city tax platform, group enterprise tax management system.