Financial analysis is based on financial information, the use of professional and technical, business management capacity of the enterprise analysis, and finally from the financial point of view to make conclusions, and put forward rationalization proposals. For financial management, financial analysis software and financial staff through the manual way to use Excel and other spreadsheets compared to traditional financial analysis, in processing power, processing speed and data early warning has made great progress.


Data analysis solutions, through the data integration technology, data warehouse, financial analysis methods, financial indicators and financial statements reporting system, can help companies achieve financial business intelligence, so that financial operations become business rely on to help business decision-making business operations.


    • One-button visualization analysis
      Powerful analysis tools, just fingertip click, the results will be readily available. Drag-and-drop interface, dynamically filter data, separate trends for different categories, or run in-depth group analysis.
    • Metadata Management
      Quickly and easily give your existing data more meaning. Modify, split, merge, filter, create a subset of data ... Now, let others understand your data has become very easy.
    • Explore statistics in depth
      Make new calculations on your existing data and drill down into your data. Drag and drop the reference line and forecast to generate a box to be plans to view statistical summary of the data. Trend analysis, regression, association and many other features waiting for your excavation.
    • Data Engine
      Takes a few seconds to extract data offline or load it into memory for you to perform a temporary analysis of large amounts of data. The data engine combines advanced database and computer graphics technology to provide fast analysis even in the face of large volumes of data.
    • Cloud Data Connection
      Refreshes data according to a defined schedule at a certain incremental level. Maintain a real-time, direct connection to an enterprise business system. An alert is issued when a data connection fails. Or push data from within the company.
    • Mobile devices
      Create a dashboard once and view or edit anywhere on any device. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets without any programming. View and interact with your dashboard anytime, anywhere.
We are convinced that the data on the interface more easily manipulated to help the company more thorough decision-making. Data Analysis Solution A flexible and highly dynamic data console that not only monitors information, but also provides complete analysis capabilities. Data manipulation and beautiful canvas perfect graft, you can create all kinds of instant you need the chart. Use a variety of easy-to-understand charts, clear logos, free-set caution values ... to present your data intuitively and visually, and financial analysis has never been easier. Intuitive design, so that non-professionals can quickly interpret the data, the conclusion at a glance, to help you achieve effective collaboration, get the best insight.
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