In China, according to the provisions of the state financial sector, any company using the financial or business systems, must pass the acceptance of the financial bureau, that is, through computerized accounting records. Accounting for computerized records refers to the enterprises, administrative units in the implementation of the computer instead of manual accounting should be to the relevant financial departments before the electronic accounting data and visibility accounting documents for testing, filing process. Specific procedures for the record include:
  • Step 1: Prepare the original data
  • Step 2: GB standard treatment
  • Step 3: the formation of the record interface information
  • Step 4: Obtain the record of the Finance Bureau


Accounting for computerized record services by senior consultants use of professional knowledge and unique filing tools to help enterprises successfully completed to ensure that customers in the shortest possible time, one-time access to the record certificate.


    • Skilled filing process
      In-depth grasp of the Shanghai Financial Bureau record verification software testing processes and elements, familiar with the financial branch of the record requirements, the record location, filing time and record the effective control of the record process points and difficulties
    • Professional filing consultant
      Detailed and comprehensive grasp of the specific operating details of the standard, while many successful experience in obtaining the record to ensure that the export of the interface file fully comply with the requirements of the standard specification
    • Customer first service concept
      Always put customer demand in the first place, customer satisfaction is Hitpoint goal; excellent service concept and continuously improve the good relations with customers, Hitpoint won the recognized market reputation
    • Various types of successful customers
      The success of the ERP / financial system for the record certificate, for the different characteristics of the industry, different financial branch specific requirements for many types of well-known enterprises to obtain a successful record certificate
  • Save time and effort - Only need to provide policy of the original data, do not need to master filing policies and skills
  • Convenient and efficient - Professional services to protect customers in a timely manner to obtain accounting for computerized accounting certificate
  • Compliance protection - In line with the requirements of fiscal policy to enhance the financial accounting credit rating
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