The State Administration of Taxation has introduced a number of policies and regulations to accelerate the pace of new forms of tax inspection; On the other hand, the State Administration of Taxation actively promote the value-added tax invoice query platform, cross-check system and other software technology, to reduce the tax work of enterprises, but also to strengthen the tax inspection efforts, which put forward new challenges to enterprise finance and taxation management. There have been a number of large enterprises in the face of tax inspectors revealed that data preparation is not complete, tax-related risks can not effectively pre-check and so on. The enterprise have to pay the taxpayer credit rating downgrade and tax fines and other losses.


The e-tax auditing solution helps enterprises to automatically generate the electronic A / C set information required for the tax audit, including: A / C set information, account information, opening balance and vouchers, etc. and correspond to the standard Chinese account. Before the enterprise submits the data, complete the enterprise income tax and value-added tax and other related indicators pre-inspection and analysis. At the same time, on the basis of the pre-inspection report to help companies quickly make adjustments, coordination to explain to the Inland Revenue Department to help to a certain extent, to avoid risks.


    • Security Compliance
      Enables pre-inspection of tax-related risks and generates intuitive preflight reports
    • Stable and reliable
      Able to support large amounts of data, after full testing, long-term stable operation
    • Professional advice
      professional consultants to help maintain the subject relationships, reporting data, timely detection of tax pre-detection problems
    • Stable and reliable
      Support large amounts of data, after full testing, long-term stable operation
E-tax audit solutions help enterprises facing audits to obtain the required tax data while gaining a high-quality user experience, enabling enterprises not only to deal with external compliance without worry, but also get the group's unified, reliable Chinese accounting platform .
  • Improve efficiency - to effectively improve the efficiency of the financial sector to ensure accurate and effective data
  • Risk aversion - avoidance of tax policy related policy risks, enhance the credit rating
  • Reduced costs - Significantly reduce the financial and personnel costs associated with tax audits
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