According to China's fiscal and taxation policies, financial accounting for foreign-invested enterprises operating in mainland China must implement PRC GAAP, and financial software must meet certain conditions before they can be accepted by the local taxation authorities. However, many multinational companies will use the parent company to use the financial software to record the business of branch offices in China to facilitate global business and report management, and system maintenance. So in meeting the Chinese accounting standards, it is often difficult to deal with. Does your business have non-compliance?
  • Accounting subjects adopt IFRS / US GAAP and other international standards
  • Non-Chinese as the financial record language
  • Revenue recognition does not meet PRC GAAP or local tax requirements
  • Non-RMB is used as standard currency for bookkeeping


To solve China's local financial compliance issues and avoid potential policy risks for multinational companies that use globally unified ERP / financial systems in China. Using the ERP / financial system data, according to business transformation rules, through the localization of financial solutions to optimize the deal directly to provide enterprises can rely on the day-to-day management system, and generate tax, audit and management required for a variety of Chinese statutory reports, vouchers, books and so on. At the same time, with the financial localization of the solution generated GB / T19581-2010 electronic data files, enterprises can successfully pass the financial software for the record.


    • Tight integration
      Tight integration with ERP / financial systems, easy access to data, simple creation of Chinese accounts
    • Real-time synchronization
      Real-time synchronization of Chinese data and ERP / financial system data, without manual conversion, accurate and efficient
    • B / S architecture
      Support for multi-branch, complex organizational structure, multi-company, multi-A / C set mode
    • Flexible query
      The Chinese side of the account data query flexible and convenient accounting adjustments to meet the daily tax, audit needs
    • Customized reports
      Support for customized reports, high-speed generation of various reports, support for multiple concurrent mode
    • Master Data Sharing
      Support for data rights, role permissions, and multidimensional analysis of shared centric architectures
Financial localization solution for multinational companies in China to provide close to local practice requirements of high-quality user experience, so that enterprises not only in response to external compliance worry, but also access to the group's unified, reliable Chinese accounting platform.
  • Increase efficiency - effectively improve the efficiency of the financial sector, improve productivity
  • Risk aversion - Avoid all policy risks and improve credit rating
  • Reduced costs - significantly reducing the financial and human resource costs
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