With the major industries have joined the scope of value-added tax pilot, "business change" after the existence of the deduction as part of the proceeds, companies receive from the purchase of part of the proceeds will be reimbursed into the geometry of growth. In the new mode, how to achieve effective management of bills, to prevent loss, facilitate circulation and borrowing, improve management efficiency will be troubled financial and procurement personnel of the major problems.


Through the electronic notes, VAT certification deduction, approval flow management and archiving borrowing management of the four modules to help companies solve the problem of purchase management related bills, to achieve effective management of bills, to prevent loss, facilitate the circulation and borrowing, not only improve management efficiency, Ensure tax compliance, but also from another level to improve the satisfaction of suppliers and employees.


    • Value Added Tax Credits
      Automated matching, tagging of ticket types, sorting of incoming tickets, automatic authentication and return of results to help with tax optimization
    • Electronic bill
      Continuous scanning of bills, automatic sorting, and identification of bill elements, automatic correlation of electronic application form, to achieve electronic circulation
    • Approval flow management
      Electronic information automatic verification and automatic circulation of bill information elements and purchase reimbursement system, guarantee data accuracy
    • Archive Borrow Management
      All paper documents can be managed by physical ticket encoding for easy access
Purchasing reimbursement is an indispensable part of the business for any enterprise. It enhances the purchasing reimbursement process through bill image management system, improves management efficiency, ensures tax compliance, and improves the satisfaction of suppliers and employees.
  • Fully electronic - save paper bill transfer costs
  • Automatic verification audit - reduce the purchase reimbursement check manual operation
  • Automated processes - speed up the procurement of reimbursement processing speed and improve efficiency
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