With the continuous development of information technology, especially the State Administration of Taxation issued a number of clear legal effect of electronic general invoices, electronic invoices have gradually entered the daily life of people, electronic invoices to replace the traditional paper invoices has become an inevitable trend of development of the times.
The large-scale enterprise that uses electronic invoice generally, not only the business volume is very huge, the type of business is very complicated too, among them involve the business of invoicing with invoice type, invoicing quantity, invoice user is not fixed, management cost is high, System is out of line, billing process can not be standardized, billing data monitoring difficult, billing data reported to the tax authorities frequently complex process cycle, billing manual repetitive workload and other issues, especially in the invoice issued, paper invoices distribution and custody, invoice delivery, invoice consultation Services and other sectors prone to tax risk.
Therefore, the whole group adopts the unified electronic invoice management system platform, unifies the invoice type into the value-added tax electronic invoice, realizes the electronic invoice automatic issuing, centralized storage management, multi-channel invoice delivery and other functions to the enterprise standard invoice business, improves the service quality, reduces the operation Cost, avoid tax risk has important strategic significance.


Value-added tax electronic invoice solution through the establishment of management platform and data interface, the use of data derived from the ERP and scan the invoice data, direct automatic billing, elimination of manual processes in the invoice process to ensure timeliness and accuracy of billing. To help enterprises to establish a unified platform for electronic invoice management system, invoice type will be unified for the value-added tax electronic invoices, electronic invoices issued automatically, centralized storage management, multi-channel invoice delivery and other functions, specifically for enterprises to issue large amounts of VAT invoice business needs While the design of end-to-end (billing enterprises to the drawee) a complete solution.


    • Automatic batch issuing -
      According to the business system or electronic business platform transaction data, automatic bulk issuing VAT ordinary electronic invoices
    • Real-time information back
      Automatically invoice after the return of electronic invoice data to the core ERP / transaction system / financial system
    • High Performance Technology
      Easy to expand, compatibility, to meet the 7 × 24-hour operation is stable and reliable to meet the existing and predictable business growth
    • Support Download
      Save E-Voucher Document (Encrypted PDF), support the recipient to query / verify the invoice information or download the voucher
  • Significant savings in the cost of purchasing, delivering, and storing paper invoices
  • Shorten the billing cycle, improve customer satisfaction
  • Simplify the billing operation, saving billing operation manpower costs
  • Automatically complete format conversion and processing of raw data to be invoiced
  • Support for complete reconciliation statements and e-invoicing document management
  • Full data encryption transmission and preservation, with good security for users to issue, query, save invoices to provide convenient support
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