With the State Administration of Taxation Golden Tax Phase III project to gradually promote, relying on the choice of value-added tax invoices to confirm the platform, VAT invoice with a new way of certification deduction. For enterprises, the use of VAT entry check authentication mode the following problems:
  • With paper invoices to find a check one by one, very troublesome, high error rate
  • More than the number of molecular companies, gold tax disk need to constantly change, gold disk or computer USB interface easily damaged
  • Incomplete data download system, can not get the amount of each invoice, tax and sales information
  • Unable to share data with expense reimbursement system or payroll management system, and still need to input the invoice information manually
  • Inland Revenue Department online authentication system is no longer promotion, scanning certification phase-out


VAT checkout check authentication solution, through the Golden Tax shared disk counters and the end of the account automatically check the certification, hardware and software to optimize the VAT certification process to avoid damage to the gold tax plate and check the high error rate of certification issues, Reduce the manual work of enterprise financial personnel to ensure timely and accurate receipt of value-added tax invoices.


    • Invoice information integrity
      Invoice seven elements automatically download, complete information, the default data automatically highlight the reminder
    • Automatic three single match
      Seamless connection with the ERP / financial system, three single automatic matching, generate check back authentication file
    • Statistical report generation
      Can generate statistical reports automatically according to individual requirements, distinguish different authentication modes, support summary query
    • Timed batch check to confirm
      Support automatic tick check to confirm the match has been through the invoice information, confirm the results of automatic download and save
Accurate certification data, simple management operations, clear statistical analysis, no matter how much the company, no matter how many invoices can easily cope with
  • Increase efficiency——effectively improve the efficiency of the financial sector, improve productivity
  • Risk aversion——avoid the risk of VAT certification policy, and ensure tax compliance
  • Reduced costs——significantly reducing the financial and human resource costs
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