With the gradual advancement of "B to V", enterprises can get more and more VAT invoices, the deductible input tax is also growing. Manually checking and certifying invoices cost the finance department a great deal of time and manpower, but the error rate is also high, or even lead to tax losses because of the certification is not timely.


Through the management platform and data interface, Tax PLUS Input use the invoice data acquired from the tax authority or identifed from the scanned invoice paper, directly to complete the automatic nationwide coverage for invoice certifcation, three-way match, generating the VAT adjustment form or other functions.Eliminate repetitive work in the invoice process, ensure data consistency, and maximize data utility.


    • Auto Scan & Smart Check
      Auto scanning/direct extraction without manual input, auto check for invoice data and highlighted display for erroneous data 
    • VAT invoice (Normal)/E-invoice checking
      Compatible with pdf and other file import, invoice features automatic check heavy, pdf tamper proof check, support invoice automatically check and keep the inspection records
    • Automatic distribution of national certification
      Automatic distribution of certified companies affiliated tax offices across the country to enter the notes, breaking the certification barriers in different places, the authentication results immediately return
    • Seamless connection of three single-match
      Achieve ERP / financial system and invoice authentication platform seamlessly, three single automatic matching, personalized custom matching requirements
Automation and digital entry invoice management approach to help the finance department to reduce the invoice verification of the cost of a lot of time and manpower to protect the input tax deduction in a timely manner to avoid tax losses.
  • Simple and efficient——optimize the invoice certification process, manual invoice processing and audit costs by 90% or more, to enhance the efficiency of invoice certification more than 4 times
  • Automatic precision——Automatic posting pass rate of more than 97%, the full realization of orders, delivery notes, payment vouchers, receipts automatically match the same invoice entry
  • Focus on professional——Automatic generation of tax statements, the overall automation rate of more than 95%, to ensure timely deduction of proceeds invoices, optimize cash flow
  • Avoidance of risks——Consolidated filing of bills, electronic circulation, and platform-based query and invocation management to avoid tax and risk caused by loss of bills
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