According to the requirements of the State Administration of Taxation, enterprises need to August 1, 2016 to complete billing software upgrades, and in accordance with the corresponding code issued VAT invoices, including value-added tax invoices, value-added tax ordinary invoices, value-added tax invoices for goods transport and motor vehicle sales Unified invoice.
According to this requirement, the enterprise must be mapped before the billing all the goods and services related to the tax code table (the current trial of the commodity code list, a total of 4140), this map corresponds to the work is not only boring time-consuming , And can not deal with new types of goods or services in a timely manner, resulting in billing can not be invoked, or even billing anomalies.


The value-added tax product coding solution uses the advanced technology of cloud big data analysis, intelligent segmentation, complete professional lexicon and fast search engine to help enterprises to complete tax classification and coding matching work automatically and easily realize the code version of the VAT anti-counterfeit tax invoicing.


    • Save time and effort
      Automate the keyword recognition, encoding matching and tax control import
    • Convenient and efficient
      No manual operation, the average processing speed of 2000 / min or more
    • Accurate and reliable
      Automatic matching accuracy rate of 85% or more, support tuning table
    • Security and stability
      Local data storage, support for user self-backup
Value-added tax product coding solutions to help finance get rid of boring inefficient, high error rate manual search entry, step into the fast-track management of the VAT tax code!
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