With the promotion of “B TO V”, the general taxpayer to fill in the contents of tax returns increase, the relationship between the complex. Taxpayers' sales and expenses need to correspond to different columns of tax return according to different types and different tax rates. The difficulty and workload of tax filing of enterprises are much larger than those of business tax.
In particular, the financial sharing center model, the enterprise in the financial management of the Group's unified management needs, the preparation of tax returns are common. Through the VAT tax return solution to achieve VAT tax returns automatically generated, will be able to greatly reduce the tax return manual operation, while improving the efficiency of the Group's unified management and reduce errors arising from manual operation.


Value-added tax declaration solution through the data interface, integrated management of value-added tax and other tax information input, automatic generation of VAT returns and schedules, the perfect fit fit group enterprise and financial sharing center model.


    • Automatic classification & recording
      Automatically scanning by special field input tax out, as sales and other special treatment, automatic recording account adjustmen
    • Various types of system interfaces
      Through the interface to connect the tax-related system, automatically collect data generated by different sources of relevant VAT information
    • Custom logic rules
      Customize tax reporting logic for business needs, automatically calculate VAT data, and generate tax returns
    • Group platform
      Unified group internal tax management, data re-use, efficient and convenient group analysis comparison, the data changes at a glance
Use the value-added tax declaration solution, so that VAT import and export data in the same platform management, import automatically mark the adjustment, in accordance with the provisions of the logic of automatic generation of VAT tax returns. Group companies dozens of molecular companies, only one employee operation, you can complete all the entity's tax returns. Moreover, the platform of the system integration of the whole group of data to facilitate enterprises from different dimensions of statistical analysis.
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