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Auto Billing & Auto Invoicing
Tax Machine & Golden Tax System

Based on advanced ERP platform, Hitpoint Tax PLUS is to facilitate invoice management process for MNCs in China. It is designed to integrate Tax Machine and Golden Tax System into one powerful system innovatively. A comprehensive and powerful invoicing management system has been established to achieve Auto Billing and Auto Invoicing.

  In China, MNCs usually meet some challenges when handling invoices. Each invoice involves many people from various departments or branches. Only with the timely follow-up of whole invoicing procedure, could finance staff streamline invoicing process, could enterprises collect payment timely and make rational tax planning.

  Meanwhile, there are no connections between ERP and Tax Machine or Golden Tax System, which means finance staff must type invoicing information one by one by hand.What’s more, various needs from demanding customers lead to the flexible invoicing patterns. Without Auto Billing or Auto Invoicing, Finance staff could only type in invoicing information manually and repeatedly.
   Hitpoint Tax PLUS serves those with complex invoicing requirements but focused on invoicing workflow. Based on the B/S architecture, inter-subsidiary and inter-departmental collaborations on tax management could be easily achieved with Hitpoint Tax PLUS.
   Tax PLUS is the solution for workflow management of invoice billing covering all aspects of the billing process, after the in-depth analysis of differences between global and local taxation, and based on the rich experience in invoice management and software implementation,
   Focused on managing the whole billing process, Tax PLUS is capable of effectively saving time and money on all sections of invoice management, like bridge gap between ERP and Tax Machine or Golden Tax System to Auto Billing or Auto Invoicing. Not only work efficiency and decision accuracy have be improved a lot, but the systematical workflow management of invoice has be realized to monitor and optimize all sections of invoice billing.